Monday, November 3, 2008

scallop 4 EWE

As I live on a Farm With thousands of sheep I came up with this very quick card. I thought it would make a cute male card for all those farmers out there :) XXXXXX


Anonymous said...

ewe is just clever!! another lovely card, enjoy the regionals hope you learn lots of tricks

Heather said...


This is soooooo cute! I may have to case this one to use at Stampers club this month! My Husband grew up on a farm and so it makes it that much more special!

We visit the farm many times a year. I love your sheep, and I love using punches so great job!


Heather said...

Hey Julianna,

I loved your sheep card so much I designed a version of it for my next stampers club meeting! I am getting ready to post it right now and I am going to link to your site so they can see the origional version!

Thanks so much for the wonderful idea!

Oh yes, I posted some Mega Blog Candy Challenge to Celebrate my 5,000 hit in just 7 weeks of blogging!


Regina said...

Oh, your punching sheep is so cute!!!